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Custom Modern Pivot Door Project, Model PVT-715

Introducing the Pivot Model 715 by Glenview Haus Texas: A Fusion of Contemporary Sophistication and Distinctiveness

Glenview Haus Texas presents the Pivot Model 715, a door that perfectly combines simplicity, modern aesthetics, and individuality. The distinctive chevron pattern on this door adds an understated flair, making it truly stand out. With its understated design, the door maintains a clean and minimalistic look while capturing attention effortlessly. Our pivot doors feature top-quality pivot hinges sourced from Fritsjurgen, ensuring smooth and seamless operation. To complement the sleek and contemporary appearance, the door is paired with a flat black pull bar, providing the ideal finishing touch for a seamless and modern aesthetic.

Modern Pivot Doors, Innovative Design

Pivot doors are characterized by a special hinge system located at the top and bottom of the door, deviating from the traditional side hinges. This innovative hinge design enables Glenview Haus Texas to create significantly larger door units compared to conventional designs. Our pivot doors are further enhanced by double rabbeted jambs, setting them apart from the competition. These unique jambs not only provide increased insulation but also enhance the overall security of the door. The combination of these jambs with our top-notch pivot hinges results in truly exceptional doors. Additionally, our pivot doors are equipped with a multipoint locking system, ensuring enhanced security with three locking points along the door.

Modern Pivot Doors at Glenview Haus Texas

At Glenview Haus Texas, we understand the importance of crafting doors that embody modern elegance while meeting the highest standards of functionality and security. Our pivot doors serve as stunning architectural features that offer excellent insulation and protection. With the Pivot Model 715 by Glenview Haus Texas, you can experience the epitome of contemporary design and peace of mind.

Discover the future of door design with Glenview Haus Texas’s Modern Pivot Door collection. Explore our range today and find the perfect pivot door for your modern space.

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PVT 715

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PVT 715

PVT 715 gallery3  pivot door 2

PVT 715

PVT 715_Oak Espresso gallery3b 3

PVT 715

PVT 715_Oak Espresso gallery2  pivot door 4

PVT 715

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PVT 715


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