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Custom Front Doors Collections

Are you searching for the final piece to finish your new build or remodel? Glenview Haus Texas has countless options to help achieve your dream entryway. Our specialty is crafting custom entry doors that will be sure to impress any visitors. Not only do our doors look beautiful, but we also stand behind their outstanding performance to ensure the utmost quality, luxury, and safety. We provide our clients two options on how to find the perfect door; semi-custom and full custom options:

Semi-Custom Wood Doors - We provide numerous in-stock door options, and always recommend visiting our website if you need any  information on styles and designs! From there, we can implement any customizations to the existing style to create the perfect door for you. This option allows you to use a baseline of one of our designs and continue from there. From changing the finish, to using a unique type of glass, you are able to customize any characteristic to your preference.

Custom Entry Door - For those who have a unique vision in mind, we have the ability to bring it to life. This option is where the customer can really be in control and we are able to accomplish virtually any design or request! Our specialty is thinking outside of the box, and a Glenview Haus Texas designer will be able to guide you through the project from the initial conception, to completion and production.

The process of a custom door order is simple and takes only a few steps:

Design - It all starts with an idea. A sketch, an inspiration picture, an idea for us to build upon.

Connecting with a Glenview Haus Texas representative - You take your concept and work with a designer on our team. Then, our designer begins drafting up details and reviewing options and materials that will work to accomplish this goal. Remember - at the end of the day, we want to create your dream door. 

Our Recommendation - Once all details are discussed and approved, we will then put together our recommendation for the pricing and timeline for your dream door. Additional details from the measurements, pictures, line drawings, delivery terms, warranties, etc. will also be laid out and provided for you. 

Finally, the last step is when we will send out the approved purchase order and official drawings of the door and the order is officially placed. The process is simple. We want you to have the door of your dreams and to make your experience as simple and accessible as possible.

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