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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Luxeline Interior Doors FAQ

How thick are the Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Our modern interior doors offer a thickness of 1-3/4”. Compared to other interior doors that are typically 1-3/8”, these doors are slightly thicker offering a more substantial look and feel. Finished with our beautiful natural wood veneers, our Luxeline doors offer an interior door option that is beautiful and practical. For an interior door that offers beauty and functionality, look no further than our Luxeline modern interior door collection.

How thick is the Luxline Interior Door veneer?

Our Luxeline interior door collection utilizes a thin oak or mahogany natural wood veneer that is 1/16” thick. The reasoning for such a thin veneer is to allow the veneer to move with the door as the door shifts and changes throughout the year. This veneer thickness allows for protection on the door so that no scratches can penetrate the veneer but continues to allow it to be ultra flexible. This flexibility is important to help eliminate any issues of warping, cracking or splitting that other veneered doors may experience.

How customizable are the Luxeline interior doors?

Our Luxeline interior doors are a fully customizable offering. These doors can be made to fit whatever size and design specifications you may have. Also offered with your choice of framing and casing to achieve your desired look. Typically standard with a magnetic latching system, this is also changeable. Should you prefer a standard latching system, we can provide that as well. Whatever your interior door project requires, our Luxeline modern doors can be made to fit your needs.

What glass options are available for Luxeline Interior Doors?

For our Luxeline models with glass, we are happy to be able to bring many different safety glass options to you. For those rooms where privacy is no concern, clear glass is available. However, if you are looking for something with more privacy or maybe a different design, we also offer our satinato, smoke or black glass. Our smoke and black glass have a darker color that provides a beautiful design while offering some privacy. Our satinato glass is our highest privacy glass for our interior doors and offers a beautiful milky-white color.

What configurations are available for Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Our Luxeline interior doors can be made in any configuration you are looking for. For standard swing doors, we offer in-swing or out-swing doors as well as double door configurations. All of our models are also available as sliding barn doors where we utilize a track with rollers mounted on the wall. Pocket doors are also available for our Luxeline doors and can be utilized with single or double pocket door configurations as well.

Are there other latching systems available for Luxeline Interior Doors?

Should you prefer to not utilize our magnetic latching systems, we can also offer our modern interior doors with a standard American latching system. This option would have the latch that sticks out on the side of the door and a standard receiving end. This option is pairable with Emtek interior door hardware. However, this system will not offer the same quiet and soft closure that a magnetic system does.

For Luxeline Interior Doors, are there options on magnetic latch finish?

Our Luxeline interior door magnetic latching systems come available in four different finishes. With options of black, white, gold and chrome, you can match your matching system to your hinges and hardware for a seamless appearance. This allows you to create a more uniform design across the whole door. While having hardware, hinges and latches that are all a different color tends to not look as nice, the option for different finishes allows you to have everything nice and coordinated.

What is magnetic latch hardware and how is this special to Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Magnetic latching hardware is a European latching system. This system utilizes magnetics in the latching mechanism of the door to latch that door when it is closed. When opened, the latch is recessed into the door. The benefit to this system is a smoother appearance as well as a softer and quieter close on the door as well. Also available in four different finishes to match your hinges and hardware you select as well.

Are there options on hinge finish for Luxeline Interior Doors?

Whether you choose our Cemom concealed hinges or Tectus concealed hinges for your modern interior door project, we offer different finishes for both options! Our Cemom concealed hinges are available in four different finishes; chrome, gold, white and black. For our upgraded Tectus concealed hinges, we offer five finishes. Those finishes include white, black, nickel, chrome, and gold.

For Luxeline Interior Doors, what hinges are available and what is special about them?

Concealed hinges come standard on all of our modern interior door lines. Typically offered with our Cemom concealed hinges, these doors offer superior functionality. The Cemom concealed hinges are high-quality, durable hinges available in 4 different finishes. For an upgraded option, we also offer our Tectus concealed hinges. This hinge option offers superior performance, control and precision by utilizing the best technology.

What frame types are available for Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Our modern Luxeline interior doors come offered with your choice of four different framing options. For those wanting to achieve a slab only appearance, our frameless aluminum option is a fantastic choice. If you are looking for something with a minimal framing design, our trimless option utilizes a drywall return construction that allows this jamb to be partially hidden to provide a slim design. For a more traditional look, we offer standard frame and casing options in matching finishes or white to complete the look. All of these options are available for any of our Luxeline interior door designs to offer you the most flexibility to achieve your desired concept.

Is casing included for Luxeline Interior Doors?

For those that are looking to get casing with their Luxeline interior doors, our white frame and casing or matching frame and casing option is the perfect choice. For a completed design that matches the door, our matching frame and casing is a great solution. If you have white trim throughout the home, our white frame and casing can be paired with any of our door designs to match the other trim in the home. Both options utilize frame and casing materials that match the material of your doors to provide a polished, finished design.

What is special about the frame construction on Luxeline Interior Doors?

Due to the custom nature of our Luxeline interior doors, this line if offered with four different frame construction options to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for the traditional frame and casing or a more modern option with minimal framing, we offer options for every desired appearance. Our framing options can be paired with matching or white casing as well to offer a completed look that matches the door or the other trim in the home. Our frame and casing options offer sleek lines that look seamless and provide a beautiful finish.

What is the difference between Luxeline Modern Interior Doors and other interior doors?

Our Luxeline modern interior doors offer a solid core construction with real wood veneers in beautiful designs. These doors offer superior closing and latching systems that stand out when compared to other interior doors. Other interior doors tend to be hollow core or MDF products that look and feel flimsy. Our doors are sturdy and solid all while looking beautiful and giving you the wood look and feel you desire.

What are the benefits of purchasing Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Luxeline interior doors are expertly crafted with high-quality wood veneers to give you the door of your dreams. These doors are fully customizable meaning we can offer them to fit whatever size you need, frame and trim options you need and so much more. With the capability to make these doors to your exact specifications including different configurations, our Luxeline doors can meet your needs for any interior door project. Completed with our Cemom concealed hinges and European magnetic latching system, these doors offer superior designs with superior functionality.

How many wood and finish options are there for Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Our Luxeline modern interior doors are offered in oak or mahogany wood veneers. They are also available as a Lacquered MDF option. We offer 8 standard colors for our mahogany wood as well as custom color options. For our oak veneer, we offer 15 standard colors with the option for custom finishes as well. For a lacquered MDF selection, we have a standard 7 colors with the option for a custom paint finish also.

How are Custom Modern Luxeline Interior Doors engineered?

Our Luxeline modern interior doors utilize a solid core construction method. This method is achieved by combining an RT8 board that is placed between layers of plywood and surrounded in a natural oak or mahogany veneer. This constructions allows for the oak or mahogany to move with the door to eliminate issues of cracking or warping that natural wood can experience. These doors are constructed to look and feel beautiful in your home without the worry of maintenance.

What are Luxeline collection modern interior doors?

Our modern interior doors in our Luxeline collection are solid core oak or mahogany doors that are manufactured using superior craftsmanship. A fully customizable line, these doors can be constructed to fit your exact specifications utilizing concealed hinges and a high-end magnetic latching system. They are also offered with a variety of different frame and casing options to help meet your desired design. Available in an array of stain and paint finishes, our Luxeline is meant to offer every homeowner a door they can love.

What if I don’t have a Contemporary or Modern home? Would the Modern Luxeline Interior Door line still look OK?

Whether you have a contemporary, modern, transitional or traditional style home, our Luxeline interior doors can be a great option for your interior door project. These doors come available in a variety of different designs that can work great with any architectural style. With flush construction, you can add grooving details, metal inlays or glass to these doors to create the design you are looking for. Also offered with a few different frame and casing options, these doors are great for whatever your needs are.

Where can I view these Luxeline Modern Interior Doors prior to placing an order?

Our Luxeline interior doors can be found at our showroom in Austin, Texas. Our Glenview Haus showroom is located at 2120 Denton Drive, Suite 109. To see everything we have to offer, our website is always the best place to find information.

Ecoline Interior Doors FAQ

What sizes are available in the Ecoline Interior Door collection?

Our Ecoline collection is most known for being an easy, all-in-one solution for homeowners, designers, and builders. As such, our Ecoline is specifically only offered in very standard sizes and are not customizable. With standard widths, heights, and jamb dimensions, these doors are a great option for those homes looking for a beautiful interior door. While we only offer select sizing, we do offer an array of different configurations for these doors to be able to fit any of your project needs. For a simple solution that looks and feels high-end, without the high-end cost, the Ecoline is a great solution.

How thick is the eco veneer on the Ecoline Interior Doors?

Our synthetic eco veneer is 1/16” thick. The thickness of this veneer allows for the veneer to be flexible to enable movement throughout the door as doors can be moving and shifting around with changes in climate. This thickness is strategic as it guarantees flexibility but also is thick enough to allow for any scratching to not penetrate the veneer. Our eco veneers offer gorgeous finishes to our doors to create an interior door line that is just as functional as it is beautiful.

What configurations are available for the Ecoline Interior Door Collection?

While our Ecoline doors are set in terms of sizing, our configurations are flexible for what we can offer. This line is available as standard in-swing or out-swing doors. But for those homes looking for matching interior doors in different configurations, we can also offer barn doors, pocket doors and sliding doors. Sold as slabs only with barn door tracks, or as pocket or sliding units with framing, these doors can be utilized in every space of your home.

For Ecoline Interior Doors, are there other latching systems available?

As our Ecoline is meant to be an all-encompassing collection, these doors are only offered with our magnetic latching system. This system is standard across our entire Ecoline collection to make it as simple as possible on designers, builders, and home owners. This magnetic latching system can be paired with our standard Ecoline hardware offerings to create a sleek and beautiful design. With superior closure offering a quiet, softer latch, this mechanism is one we know you will love.

Are there options on magnetic latch finish for Ecoline Interior Doors?

Our Ecoline collection magnetic latches are available in four different finishes to help customize the door of your dreams. These systems are offered in white, gold, chrome, and black finishes. Similar to our concealed hinges, these four color options are offered to allow for you to match the latches, hardware, and concealed hinges all together to create a uniform look. Should you want to take a mis-matched approach, these colors are all interchangeable as well.

What is magnetic latch hardware and how is this special to Ecoline Interior Doors?

Our magnetic latching system is a European latching system that offers a superior close on our Ecoline interior doors. This sleek Italian-style magnetic system utilizes a magnet for the latch and receiving end resulting in a softer and noiseless close of the door. This system is offered in four finishes; white, black, chrome or gold to match the other hardware and hinges on the door. Available on both passage and privacy doors.

Are there options on hinge finish for Ecoline Interior Doors?

Our Cemom concealed hinges are offered in four different finish options. Offered in chrome, gold, white and black. These hinges offer a smoother, softer open and close of your door. Pair whatever finish you choose to match the hardware on the door. You could also select the finish of the hinge based on the color of the door as well for a more muted appearance overall.

What hinges are available for Ecoline Interior Doors and what is special about them?

Our Ecoline interior door collection are offered with out high-quality Cemom concealed hinges. These hinges are built into the framing of the door to provide an ultra-strong functionality combined with a sleek, minimal design. These hinges are fully hidden when the door is closed and are not visible from either side. When the door is opened, you will see a sleek, modern hinge design. Available in four different colors to match the other hardware on the door.

What frame types are available for Ecoline Interior Doors?

Our Ecoline interior doors are only offered with our standard frame and casing option. Our frames are a standard 3.15 inches in width. They utilize an engineered wood core that provides increased strength, durability, and stability. When compared to traditional MDF stiles, this construction provides more than 50% stronger wings. Available in a matched finish, black or white.

Is casing included with the Ecoline Interior Door colleciton?

Our Ecoline interior door collection comes standard with frame and casing included. The benefit to this collection is that everything you need for these doors is provided for you and included in the price. Our casing for the Ecoline collection is a standard 3.15” flat profile that is available in three different finish options. For a cohesive design, matching casing to your door is available. To match existing trim in your home or for something that will stand out, our casing is also available in white or black.

What is special about the frame construction on Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

Our Ecoline interior door frames are manufactured using solid engineered wood. By utilizing this construction method, our frames are extra strong and durable which helps to reduce the possibility of warping. Additionally, this wood stile construction allows our framing to accept our concealed hinges and magnetic locks with ease. The framing around our Ecoline interior doors provide increased stability and strength to create a door you know you can rely on.

How does the Ecoline Modern Interior Door line differ from other interior doors?

Our Ecoline modern interior door collection brings together expert European craftsmanship with sleek, gorgeous designs. This line offers a wide range of standard sizes paired with framing, casing and hardware all bundled into the price. With many options to choose from, this line helps make the selection process easy and stress-free.

What are the benefits of purchasing Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

This offering is a great choice for those builders or homeowners that want to eliminate the stress and choices that can come with interior door projects. These doors are offered with standard offerings including frames, casing and hardware all included in the price. Our Ecoline modern interior doors work fantastically for every interior door project and help facilitate a stress-free choice. These doors also utilize an eco-veneer that creates beautiful doors offered for a fraction of the cost.

How is Ecoline Interior Doors eco-veneer performance compared to natural wood?

Natural wood doors tend to have issues with warping, splitting and shifting throughout the year as it is a natural element that moves with changing climates. This can lead to more maintenance on a solid wood door. The use of a high-quality synthetic veneer can provide the look and feel of a wood door, without the issues that can come with it. These veneers utilize the highest level of craftsmanship and superior technology to create beautiful doors that you will love.

What is the eco-veneer on Ecoline Interior Doors?

An eco veneer is a man-made synthetic veneer that is expertly adhered to our Ecoline interior doors. This veneer offers a smooth finish that can give the look and feel of real wood while offering a more budget-friendly option. The application of this veneer helps to eliminate the common issues of peeling that can occur on other veneered doors. It also helps to provide an even, smooth surface that is maintenance free.

How many finish options are there for Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

Our Ecoline modern interior doors are available in a myriad of finishes. For something with a wood grain detail, our 8 finishes available on our eco veneers can help bring that design to life. For a smoother appearance with no grain details, our 5 paint finishes are also available. Whether you desire a wood appearance or something in a darker finish or lighter, our selection of finishes can help you achieve whatever design you prefer.

What are Ecoline collection modern interior doors?

Ecoline modern interior doors are our newest offering in our modern interior door collection. These doors are produced using eco-friendly veneers that can be paired with metal inlays or glass to create beautiful designs. An offering that provides a complete package including the frame and casing and hardware for an easy interior door solution. Customize these doors by selecting your choice of door finishes, hinge finish and hardware finish as well to curate the perfect door for your home.

How are Ecoline Interior Doors engineered?

Our Ecoline doors utilize a solid core construction that is finished with our environmentally friendly, eco-veneers. These veneers are synthetic, man-made veneers that use a high-quality adhesive system to create a smooth, beautiful surface, free from peeling. With magnetics latching systems and concealed hinges, these doors are sleek and modern with superior functionality. Built using expert craftsmanship in-hand with our premium technology to create beautiful interior doors.

What if I don’t have a Contemporary or Modern home? Would the Ecoline Modern Interior Door line still look OK?

Our Ecoline interior doors were designed with every homeowner in mind. While they are modern in style, these doors are simplistic and beautiful. Whatever your architectural style, these doors are designed to be utilized for modern homes as well as more traditional styles. Offered in a large selection of finishes and designs t fit your needs.

Is there a location where I can see these Ecoline Interior Doors prior to placing an order?

Our Ecoline modern interior door line can be viewed at our Austin, Texas location at 2120 Denton Drive, Suite 109. We have many models on display here for viewing. While we will have some on display so you can touch and see the quality, the best way to see our full list of offerings for these doors is through our website.

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