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Glenview Haus - Texas

Collections - Glenview Doors® Classic Wood Entry Doors, EuroTechTM(Euro Technology)

Classic Collection of front doors provides wood doors with tasteful, archetypal designs. The custom-made styles vary from two-panel doors with elaborate raised moldings to beautiful glass doors with leaded patterns, adding beauty to the home’s entryway. Learn more»

Door Model Collection: GD-203

Experience the meticulous craftsmanship of the GD-203, a stunning wooden entry door that exudes classic design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this door is built with our premier oak or mahogany wood, ensuring exceptional quality. Choose from textured, satin, or clear glass to personalize your door. With two in-stock size options and a variety of finishes to choose from, this exterior door offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your sophisticated and traditional style. Elevate your home's entryway with this beautiful wooden entry door today!

GD-203PTDG, Classic Mahogany-Espresso Front Door 0 Austin, Texas GD-203PTDG In-Stock Classic Diamond-Glue-Chip Glass 37-1/2 x 98 x 4-9/16 37-1/2 x 98
GD-203PWDG, Classic Mahogany-Walnut Front Door 1 Austin, Texas GD-203PWDG In-Stock Classic Diamond-Glue-Chip Glass 43-1/2 x 98 x 4-9/16 43-1/2 x 98

Door Photo Gallery, Model: 203

Classic Entry Door.  Diamond Glass Single Classic Door DB-203


Classic Entry Door.  Diamond Glass Single Classic Door DB-203PTDG


Glenview Doors® Classic Model Collection:

CLASSIC — Timeless Designs

Glenview Haus Texas Classic Collection of front doors provides wooden doors that are tastefully styled with archetypal designs. These custom-made wooden front doors feature complex, raised moldings. Showcasing two-panel and one-panel door styles, clients can choose which time-honored look will better suit their home. The Classic Collection of front doors can also be further customized with detailed and beautifully unique jointed and lead patterns to better fit the personalities of the individuals who live inside. The artisans at Glenview Haus-Texas focus on improving upon the natural elegance of the high-end wood grains by using furniture-quality stains and techniques.

The Classic Collection consists of wooden front doors. Glenview Haus-Texas engineered, wooden entry doors are crafted from a choice of the highest quality hardwoods Mahogany and Oak. Clients can create their wooden front doors to create the door that best fits their needs, adding to the transitional style and design of these doors and invoking the perfect first-impression of their home. Through expert craftsmanship, a proven and specially engineered design and a hand-applied, multiple-step finish result in doors of unsurpassed quality and beauty.

Available Wood/Finish Options:

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany Wood, Earth Finish
Mahogany Wood, Walnut Finish
Mahogany Wood, Coffee Bean Finish
Mahogany Wood, Espresso Finish
Mahogany Wood, Dark Mahogany Finish
Mahogany Wood, Gun Metal Finish
Mahogany Wood, City Gray Finish
Mahogany Wood, White Matte Paint Finish
Mahogany Wood, Black Matte Paint Finish
Mahogany Wood,  Finish

Oak Wood

Oak Wood, Light Loft Finish
Oak Wood, Traditional Finish
Oak Wood, Earth Finish
Oak Wood, Walnut Finish
Oak Wood, Coffee Bean Finish
Oak Wood, Espresso Finish
Oak Wood, Gray Oak Finish
Oak Wood, White Matte Paint Finish
Oak Wood, Black Matte Paint Finish
Oak Wood,  Finish


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