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Glenview Haus - Texas

Exterior Steel Frame Glass Door Construction

Glass Divided Lites

Lites in door construction refer to the section of glass in the door that is separately framed. These lites can be simulated or true divided using mullion lines to create division.

True Divided Lites (TDL): separated by mullions that are inserted into the glass, this construction offers individual pieces of glass instead of one larger piece.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL): A singular large pane of glass with the appearance of being separated by applied mullion lines on top of the glass

True Divided Lites - TDL

True Divided Lites
  • Due to the separate construction, this construction is easy to repair and maintain
  • With the mullions going through the glass, this fabrication is extremely strong
  • Width of mullions are 1-5/8"

Simulated Divided Lites - SDL

Simulated Divided Lites
  • Most cost friendly
  • Provides similar look to TDL
  • Allows for slimmer mullion widths: 3/4"

Exterior Steel Door Profiles

Flat-to-Flat TDL

TDL Flat-to-Flat

Flat-to-Angled-Shape TDL

TDL Flat-to-Angled-Shape

Flat-to-T-Shape TDL

TDL Flat-to-T-Shape

Flat-to-Flat SDL

SDL Flat-to-Flat

Flat-to-Triangle SDL

SDL Flat-to-Triangle

Flat-to-T-Shape SDL

SDL Flat-to-T-Shape




We use Door Hardware with Euro Multipoint

  • Always paired with our Multipoint Euro Locking mechanism
  • Utilizes a Secury Eurpoa S R4 lock from GU
  • 3-5/8" distance from the lever hole to the keyhole

Multipoint Mechanism

Latch: Right hand or Left hand usage

Follower: Accepts the spindle of the handle to provide locking operation with no play.

Deadbolt: Single or double turn with a deadbolt throw of 20 mm.

Cylinder Hole: For cylinder 22 mm in diameter in round or profile

Exterior Steel Door Corner Sample

FerroFinestra W75 TB

The latest system by Ottostumm, the FerroFinestra W75 TB uses slim lines paired with a palpable surface. Our most advanced insulated glass and steel doors. Due to the depth of 75 mm of profile on this, we can accommodate highly efficient glazing to increase insulation. By using our polymeric amide insulator that is fiberglass reinforced, our doors can offer increased thermal protection, making them a great fit for any climate.

Exterior Steel Door Corner Sample

FerroFinestra W50 TB

A new system from Ottostumm, the W50 TB FerroFinestra system allows for our steel doors to carry on the most authentic form with the same proportions and forms. This innovative insulator offers thermal protection that can be combined with Low-E glass. The combination of thermal protection with low emissivity glass offers comfort that meets current regulations and holds up beautifully in harsh climates.

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